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September 21, 2011
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My Dreams: Watching Pokemon While I'm In Pokemon So I Can Pokemon While I Pokemon

In this dream I got to hang out with the trio and watch that episode of Pokemon where Ash first battles Dento c: It was kinda cool, and Chili and Cress' comments about the fight were entertaining.

I was walking around the gym cause I heard that Ash was coming to battle someone and apparently it was a big deal.  So me, Cress, Chili, and other workers in the gym began setting up chairs around the arena to watch.  Dento was trying to talk to me but he was talking so fast and was so hyper I didn't catch anything FFF.

I watched that whole convo w/ Ash telling them he wants to challenge all three of them blahblahblah it all happens in the episode lol.  

So Chili battles first, and Cress and Dento sit and make comments about it.  Dento just keeps closing his eyes w/ his fingers on his chin shaking his head disappointingly as Chili's ass gets handed to him by Ash's friggin FIRE TYPE.  Cress was saying he expected it cause Chili is too aggressive in battle, and needs to have more strategy. I was leaning over the wall watching this whole thing, and noticed that all the chairs that were there were filled w/ cheerleaders now =I lost my seat pff.

Chili comes over and Cress and Dento proceed to playfully mock him that he lost, and they were all very buddy buddy and cool about it.  Soon as Chili came back down he insisted about serving me pastries and tea. I took them but showed him no attention cause I was still pissed at him from my other dream LOL (it's funny...I remember being mad at Chili in my other dream but I don't remember Cress almost raping me...).  

Up next was Cress, and everyone all of a sudden was like OH MAN CRESS HE'S GOING TO KICK  HIS ASS SO HARDCORE.  Definitely a different vibe in the room than with Chili xD.  Dento insisted upon standing next to me the whole time and explaining every little detail about everything happening in the fight.  Only thing I said to him is "If this retard beats you all I'm going to laugh so hard.". He looked very dramatically offended.

Cress wins and all them cheerleaders went crazy nuts.  Chili just like DUMPED OFF HIS FOOD/TEA TRAY, and was screaming over the edge like YAAAAAAAAAAAH YOU GO YAAAAAAAAAH.  Too bad his brother's don't show the same support for him LOL.  

My legs are tired by this point, and Chili asked me to politely move from his seat when I tried to steal it.  I death glared.  Was still mad loool.

Now it was Dento's turn to battle.  I just sat on Cress' lap cause by that point I was like SCREW THIS STANDING BUSINESS.  Cress was just like MKAY *no reaction at all*.  In this dream we were all suppose to be buddies, so it all worked out.

Cress was dam critical of the whole fight it was hilarious.  He was mumbling, but saying things like:

"If Dent doesn't destroy this guy I will never let him live it down haha"
"Grass against Water? What's with this guy does he have some kind of mental disorder?"
"Dent better stop screwing around or he's going to lose his concentration...He better not lose this fight I swear..."
"*point* DID YOU SEE THAT? That Oshiwat is cheating or something..."

Most of the discussion consisted of me and him making fun of how stupid Ash was LOL.  Chili was offering me stuff the entire time and I'm like NO. NO THANK YOU I DON'T WANT ANYTHING. Cress was like, "Don't you have other people to help =3=". We were being so kind to everyone you know lol.  Chili actually asked if I was mad at him...He really was trying hard I'll give him that. I still shunned him 8U

When Dento lost Cress screamed WHAT SERIOUSLY rather loud in my ear, and then politely asked me to get up while he goes to smack him.  I was just like YAH DUDE HE DESERVES IT THAT WAS BULL.  Literally the second Dento got off the platform Cress was like WTF WAS THAT HOW DID YOU LOSE TO HIM HE HAD A WATER TYPE FOR PETE SAKES *inserts more raeg here*.  Dento was just laughing, and saying Ash was a great challenge *coughbullshitcough*.

This dream is clean c:
So this is the 3rd dream I had with all three of them, and after this it's usually just Dento by himself. HOPE YA LIKE IT.
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Hamtaro645 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I love Cress's comments! :D btw, what exactly do you do that makes you have dreams about these guys? I know this is going to sound rather strange but... I want one! D: Unless there like, slapping me or yelling at me or throwing insults at me, or dumping tea on me. (You never know, it COULD happen! Maybe there not as nice as they seem. D: )
BlankInSpace Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012
best way to have one of these dreams is to watch your fav episode of pokemon, drink 2 glasses of milk, powerwalk for 30 min or so, take some kind of sleep aid, and go straight to bed
Hamtaro645 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I REALLY hope your not serious... I DON'T LIKE MILK! D: MA DREAMS HAVE BEEN CRUSHED! D: But i had a dream about them a couple of days ago. :P I don't remember what it was about.
RioLuisa Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
Is Cress the only good trainer? :I
BlankInSpace Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
loool I think Dento is pretty good, but Ash did beat him =I which makes me disappointed in him
RioLuisa Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011
He just wanted to lose. Yeah. Totally.
Vasaluv Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
It's because everything is always Chili's fault. = 3=
So he deserved it. <3
BlankInSpace Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
No if there was a problem involving someone winning a pokemon battle then it wouldn't be Chili's fault cause he can't ever win one 8U (he also lost to Burgundy who SUCKS).
Vasaluv Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah... Then it wouldn't be his fault. Only if someone like himself or his friends loses is it his fault. Unless he wanted them to lose, then it's someone elses fault for letting them win at losing. 8U(D8 MY GOD HE SUCKS.)
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